Tuesday, May 17, 2022
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Oxford University received £70,000 from controversial mining company Rio Tinto

Oxford University received at least £70,000 from trans-national mining company Rio Tinto since 2013, Oxford Climate Justice Campaign have revealed. 

Plans submitted for Schwarzman humanities centre

The project has come under criticism in the past, most notably after initial public consultations in February of last year.  Then, campaigners from the Student Union and university staff called for Schwarzman’s money to be rejected, wanting more transparency in general regarding the process by which donations are accepted and funding is approved.
Saïd Business School at night with a poster on it. Zoomed in the Poster reads: "See these buildings? They honour the Arms Trade. Does that sicken you? It sickens us."

Disarm Oxford posters criticise Oxford University’s “ties to the arms trade”

"The posters were placed by the relatively new group Disarm Oxford. Disarm Oxford seeks to lobby “the University — departments and colleges — to sever ties with arms companies, to stop taking research funding from such companies and to cease Careers Service advertising for them”."

‘Moral failure’ over Mosley Money

The fund, named after Max Mosley’s son Alexander, who died of a heroin overdose aged 39, is controversial due to its alleged connections to the Mosley family’s fascist past. Critics allege the fund is based upon the inheritance left by Max Mosley’s father, Oswald Mosley, leader of the British Union of Fascists and later the far-right Union Movement.

Oxford JCRs show solidarity with George Floyd protests

A number of JCRs have proposed and passed motions in solidarity with George Floyd and ensuing protests in the United States.  So far St. Anne’s,...

Student sets up ‘Bridge of Charity’ outside station

An Oxford DPhil student has set up ‘Bridge of Charity’, an initiative where donated bags of food and basic necessities are hung on the...

Oxford donor suspends giving amid opioid legal scandal

Accused of "deceptive practices", the Sackler family has been a donor since 1991.

Oxford should not accept billionaires’ vanity projects

Oxford’s continued acceptance of donations by the super rich like Blavatnik is rotten to the core.

Oxford will not reconsider Sackler donations despite opioid link

A £1 million donation from the Sacklers to the National Portrait Gallery has been held up in internal review

Oxbridge tops university donations list

Oxford and Cambridge accounted for 46 per cent of new funds secured by UK universities in 2016