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Why We Might Not Beat Climate Change

"The only rational response to this two-headed paradox may be doomerism"

The Conservative Path to Victory in 2024

"How do the Conservatives intend to fight a campaign that current polling and smart money say they’re almost guaranteed to lose?"

Voter Identification: A dangerous pathway to unnecessary discrimination

"The biggest problem with ID requirements is that they are inherently discriminatory."

Cherwell Town Hall: Matthew Dick and Dan Dipper run for Oxford Union Presidency

Freya Jones and Maggie Wilcox interview the presidential candidates.

Northern Ireland’s three-way split

For the first time since the foundation of Northern Ireland, a nationalist/republican party with the expressed aim of a united Ireland is the largest...

In between practicality and principle: a partial observer’s advice for the French left

"When faced with unity or annihilation, it is time to put aside minor differences, and think about ultimate aims – if not for ourselves, then for those who will suffer under the opponent’s policies."

OULGBTQ+ secretarial election plagued by misinformation

The current candidate for Secretary for the Oxford University has suffered from the spread of alleged misinformation surrounding her campaign, with both messages and posts on public forums describing her as an “evangelical Christian” and “right wing (American) Republican.” 

Starmer’s Labour: the long road to relevance

'If you don’t look ready to lead the country, the country won’t put you in charge.' Ed Lawrence presents Labour's strategy for the next decade.

Former US Attorney General warns of Russian election interference in Oxford Union address

Former US Attorney General Matthew Whitaker asserted that Russia is “trying to interfere” in the 2020 US Election, speaking at the Oxford Union on...

Interview with Professor John Curtice

Professor John Curtice

Confusion and Chaos: The 2020 US Presidential Election Kicks Off

Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg set to top delegate counts amidst frustrating counting and technical issues As of three days after the Iowa caucus, the full results still...

In Defense of Escapist Art

In our current political climate escapism is a dirty word. Moreover, it is a risky form of mental engagement in a culture that calls...

Opinion – With its most catastrophic defeat since 1935, Corbyn’s Labour has failed us

Miles Pressland & Joe Davies consider the reasons why Labour saw such a landslide defeat - and the common denominator is Jeremy Corbyn. Miles Pressland A...

Why The Lib Dems Failed

On 12 December 2019, I didn’t vote with pride. For me, putting a cross beside ‘Liberal Democrat’ gave me that same sensation as going...

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