Sunday, November 29, 2020
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    Is escapism acceptable?

    We have a certain cultural responsibility

    Ten Politically Inspired Books to Read in 2020

    The last three years of politics are enough to make a person want to do some Malcolm Tucker-esque screaming into the void....

    In Defense of Escapist Art

    In our current political climate escapism is a dirty word. Moreover, it is a risky form of mental engagement in a culture...

    Mary Quant: a fashion revolution

    A 1960s reverse escapism from the catwalk to the real world

    Dispatches: ‘Marooned between past and present, not here’

    A short story of everyday escapism, by Izzy Smith

    Rewind: “Our greatest work may be found in our escape”

    Carmen Martinez explores the dawdles and doodles of Dr Seuss' Oxford days

    Tolkien and ‘the problems of another place’

    Sandy Elliot makes the case for art in all its uselessness

    Irresponsible escapists and the architecture of power

    Thomas Thorne considers how escapism may be a powerful force for transgression