Saturday, December 5, 2020
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    NHS staff and rough sleepers offered college accommodation

    Several Oxford colleges have made rooms available for homeless people and health workers to combat the impact of the COVID-19 crisis.

    Super Saturday Double-Header in Women’s Rugby

    The time was here. The stage was set. The teams were ready. A grey and overcast Saturday of 1st Week provided the...

    Exeter JCR votes to adopt college chickens

    The motion mandates the college to purchase chickens for Exeter House and to introduce a "chicken officer"

    College JCRs discuss funding Irish students to vote in referendum

    The minutes of the Christ Church meeting, seen by Cherwell, showed that some students were concerned the motion was "irrelevant", as there were only two JCR members eligible to receive funding.

    Crazy bop at Exeter. But where were all the suckling pigs?

    Oxford needs to re-evaluate its disciplinary methods

    Exeter undergrads threatened with ‘serious consequences’ after bop mayhem

    Sub-rector Barnaby Taylor called undergraduates' behaviour "wholly unacceptable"

    Exeter backtracks on housing guarantee

    Thirty students have been told to consider private accommodation

    The road to affordable housing in Oxford is not a simple...

    Colleges own swathes of Oxford’s green belt, pitting local residents against the growing need to build more homes. Libby Cherry investigates the growing divide.

    Exeter would be right to ban smoking, and other colleges should...

    Everyone has the right to clean and fresh air in their home, writes Emily Patterson

    Smokers need freedom, not permission

    Smokers are more considerate to others than often thought, and want nothing more than to be left alone, according to Ethan Croft