Friday, April 16, 2021
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    The misogynist within: calling ourselves out

    TW: Mentions of sexual violence "Rather than teaching men that to assault is wrong, society teaches women to do all they can to avoid it." Flora Dyson unpacks the phenomenon of internalised misogyny and questions how we can tackle it.
    A street lamp by the Bodleian Library

    Oxford City Council responds to concerns raised over Oxford street lighting

    CW: Sexual assault, death  It Happens Here, an Oxford Student Union group tackling sexual violence, recently released a statement arguing that “street lighting in Oxford...

    A Green Wave of Change: Why Argentina’s landmark abortion law will...

    "Argentina is a country where the Catholic Church has historically held sway, and it forms part of a continent where swathes of women and young girls are ostracised, shunned and even imprisoned for wanting to end their pregnancy."

    Seen and not heard: the film industry’s troubled relationship with female...

    Scarlett Colquitt responds to the claim that "women directed films have a softer tone" with an examination of role of female directors in today's film industry.

    Coming of age with Beanie Feldstein

    All teenagers hit that age where they are suddenly on the verge of adulthood whilst still clinging onto what is left of their childhood....

    Some Women Don’t Owe You Pretty

    From the suffrage movement and Sojourner Truth’s ‘Ain’t I a Woman?,’ to the isolation of black women within the 1970s Women’s Liberation Movement, repeatedly we have witnessed the failures of white women’s feminism.

    In depth: Poland’s war on women

    "The underenforcement of the Convention prevented it from having as much positive impact on Polish women’s situation as it could have; and thus the first likely effect of its possible disappearance from the legal system would be a symbolic approval and reinforcement of traditional, violence-inducing gender roles."

    A No Spoiler Review of Mrs America

    To be honest, I didn’t originally want to watch Mrs America. I have studied the history of 1970s American feminism so hearing that Phyllis...

    Wages Against Housework: “More smiles? More money.”

    “More smiles? More money.” This was the rallying cry of women around the world in the 1970s. They were adamant that women everywhere should be paid...

    Review: Florence Given’s debut book Women Don’t Owe You Pretty

    Florence Given sells feminism as what it is: freeing and utterly delicious. She affirms and articulates precisely the points it feels so hard to put your finger on sometimes.