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Daemon Voices Lecture Review – Two generations share the same world...

Pullman and Rundell make for an oddly cohesive pair at their talk in Blackwells.

The trouble with sex in fiction

Fiction presenting sex as pornography is dishonest and ridiculous

Fiction: Watch the sky burning

Sophie Burdge reveals the stark reality of abuse through the disturbed mindset of the abuser

“I’m scared Charlie please come”

Benedict George takes a trip into the surreal with a phone that refuses to leave its owner in peace

Fiction: “Alone it is far harder to imagine”

Alexandra Illingworth explores the poignancy of growing up with a fraught sibling relationship

Fiction: “You don’t seem to know anything”

Oliver Baldwin’s monologue explores the day to day terror of making ‘a fresh start’

“It’s as though I’m being watched”

Cressida Peever’s mystery explores the eery blankness of receiving anonymous postcards

London, books and bears: an interview with Michael Bond

“The first time I nearly died was on a Wednesday.” Michael Bond, a smiling and well-dressed 90 year old, leaned forward as he talked....

“I’m not gonna be crying anymore”

Richard Birch investigates the sway of alcohol dependence, and the power it can hold over you

You fucked her and now you’re fucked

Prose by Cameron Finlay about the kind of discourse that follows a life-altering accident
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