Wednesday, February 24, 2021
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    Tag: Film & TV

    Vita and Virginia (2019)- Review

    "...probably best left a source of nice stills and Pinterest GIFs."
    A close-up of a blue eye looking panicked.

    Placing society’s margins under the microscope

    The psychological and physical decay resulting from drug addiction is tactfully explored in Darren Aronofsky’s masterpiece.

    #Cancelled: Disillusionment in the age of Twitter #MeToo

    Watching Weinstein movies like Pulp Fiction, or as more recently discussed, listening to music by R Kelly, in a way are acts of undue forgiveness.

    Sir Roger Moore 1927-2017

    Calum Bradshaw pays tribute to the 70s Bond legend who died today at the age of 89

    Ageing under the spotlight

    Sophie Burdge condemns ageism in pop culture and our generation's obsession with beauty

    The guilt of gaming at Oxford

    Charles Britton finds that university life has taken its toll on an all-consuming hobby

    Review: ‘T2 Trainspotting’

    Louise Howland finds an addictive energy in sequel to cult classic Trainspotting

    Zoom In: How to steal our jobs as Film and TV...

    Shivani Ananth and Katie Sayer tell you how to take over their legacy

    Moonlight: a transcendent spectacle

    Jonnie Barrow delights in Barry Jenkins' mesmeric exploration of identity

    ‘The Lego Batman Movie’: mature and intelligent

    Louis McEvoy praises Seth Grahame-Smith’s reinvention of the classic hero