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Review: OBA Film Festival showcase

James Riding casts an eye over the most ambitious films in Oxford student filmmaking at the OBA’s annual screening

Web Series World – The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

Let's start at the very beginning...

It was only I who made this

Louis McEvoy discusses whether art is rooted in a source, or multi-faceted and accidental

The Age of Photoshop?

Daniel Curtis laments the decline of the quality film poster, but sees many reasons to be optimistic for the future

Linking Linklater’s Latest

Jake Kennedy identifies time as the common thread in Richard Linklater’s work

Representing The Impossible

Cinema will never be able to represent the horrors of the Holocaust, but Son of Saul offers a sensitive try, writes Jem Bartholomew

Review: the OBA Easter Projects

Louise Howland dissects Sunday’s OBA student film screening, praising their indie feminist zeal

Oliver’s Twist: Ru Paul’s Drag Race

Oli is back and getting into drag racing

Review: My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 – like microwave moussaka

Comedies based on stereotypes are ripe for criticism, but Miriam Nemmaoui managed to see beyond this, finding her own family represented in the Portokalos’

Review: Hush – a cat and mouse fight to the death

Hush negotiates the established conventions of the home-invasion horror concerning female victimhood, writes Louise Howland
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