Friday, July 30, 2021
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    PhysPhil students receive results 101 days after exams end

    Since their last exam on October 16, it took until this Monday for Physics and Philosophy (commonly abbreviated to PhysPhil) students to receive results....

    Law finalists not informed of exam error

    A Law FHS paper contained different instructions than previously stated in the exam conventions, and finalists were not communicated instructions to remedy this mistake...
    Image credit: Ellie Wilkins

    Department choices show unequal application of safety net policy

    It has been revealed that departments have implemented the University’s ‘Safety Net’ policy with significantly varying approaches. The policy, released on the University’s website on...

    Opinion – Oxford Finalists Deserve a Proper ‘Safety Net’

    On Wednesday 25th March I released an Open Letter to the University advocating for a ‘guaranteed minimum’ grade to be implemented to protect students particularly...

    Finalists demand predicted grades safety net

    An open letter signed by 1,600 finalists has asked the University to give finalists their predicted grade as a “guaranteed minimum” in light of...

    Final year blues

    All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. I’m inclined to believe that Jack would have had a quarter life crisis regardless of the...

    History theses will be examined by supervisors in new trial

    The changes are to ensure thesis examiners are "most appropriately qualified"

    Music finalists raise concerns over ‘illegible’ exam paper

    The Faculty has been criticised for its "unacceptable" mistake

    Had Eno-ugh of revision? Give ‘Ascent’ a listen

    Exams coming up? Check out this perfect track to help you cope

    A Day In the Life: Rugby blue

    Will Wilson explains how he juggles his sporting pursuits with his degree