Friday, July 30, 2021
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    Setting the Scene: When location becomes character

    I can remember the first time I watched The Revenant in an empty screening at my local cinema. It was during the height of...

    Finding friends: what’s the hurry?

    We talk about the rat race: the fiercely competitive struggle for success, the unrelenting battle we rage against our peers to come out on top. But...

    Spoons? Spoons.

    An exploration of why we love Britain's most quintessential student pub chain.

    Letter To: My Oxford friends

    Deep into the long vac, Annie reflects on her first year friendships

    Letter To: My friends from home

    Going home inevitably means seeing people you knew before Oxford

    Could Friends be any more problematic?

    Rewatching the sitcom in 2018 makes me feel uncomfortable

    TV memes for deadline-drowning teens

    Becky Cook comments on the importance of film and TV shows in meme culture

    Dispatches: Friends, Ulysses, and the value of a story’s ending

    Ellie Duncan considers how endings reflect a need for stories

    Moving to university harms school social circles, study concludes

    A lack of contact and investment in old friendships can lead to the rapid deterioration of relationships formed in childhood