Friday, September 17, 2021
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    A Return to the Roaring Twenties

    Some modern writers however are predicting that the pandemic will have changed our attitudes towards intimacy forever. Some have even gone so far as to declare the death of the handshake and the hug. However the 1920s is not just renowned for a cultural revolution but also a sexual one.

    Final year blues

    All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. I’m inclined to believe that Jack would have had a quarter life crisis regardless of the...

    How to: Survive Trinity

    It's not just about revision – it's about relaxing, recuperating and resting too

    Let’s Talk About: Drunk Texts

    Despite the vomiting, our drunk selves, and the embarrassing texts we send might just be worth listening too.

    Letter to: My Crush

    At some point or another, each of us has had our very own "lecture bae"

    Life Divided: Punting

    Jamie Onslow and Anna Elliot meander off in different directions over punting

    Why are we against fun in fashion?

    Daisy Chandley explores the problems that surround the fashion industry’s recent disdain for the big, the bright, and the ugly