Wednesday, November 25, 2020
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    For a better future, activism must thrive online

    “Is there hope for the next decade?” a debate at the Oxford Union asked in January, just weeks before panic began to spread...

    ‘Policy hackathon’ seeks solutions for Oxford after Coronavirus

    Global Shapers Oxford is hosting a ‘policy hackathon’ to solve local challenges arising from the COVID-19 outbreak. The ‘hackathon’...

    What follows is an apology

    it was different back then; we didn’t know, didn’t understand…

    Has video killed the Radio Star ?

    Is it time to wave radio goodbye in the 2020s? Broadcasting audio across the airwaves seems antiquated. Do we not live in a world of virtual reality and TikTok videos, our eyes continuously glued to a screen?

    Oxford needs an education fit for the times

    Climate change is shaping today’s world. Oxford’s curricula can ignore it no longer.

    What’s cooler than Huel?

    It seems man can indeed live on Huel alone. The question is, why would he ever want to?

    CRISPR-Cas9 to the rescue

    By editing our genomes the technology derived from bacteria is primed to cut cancer and hammer HIV, says Dan Simonsen

    Superpowered seagrasses: the hidden gems of the plant world

    Ruby O'Grady examines how these humble plants are helping to thwart disease and combat climate change

    Web Series World – The Guild

    This week Naomi ventures into new territory of online gaming