Friday, January 15, 2021
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    Long COVID: What can we do?

    In a crisis full of unknown variables, it pays to stay alert for new curveballs to avoid being caught off guard in the future.

    You are not alone – What getting run over by a...

    It’s been an odd year for everyone. Few could have predicted that Hilary would end in such a dramatic fashion, and certainly not myself,...

    “Superstition ain’t the way” – did Stevie Wonder get it right?

    On my left wrist sits a tiny silver star on a chain. On my right hand, a ring my mother was given by her...

    Home Workouts: A Guide

    With term looming and a reading list down to our feet, we’re all getting our fair share of mental exercise. But with thinking comes frustration, and...

    Oxfordshire could become the UK’s first smoke free county

    Last Thursday Oxfordshire’s Health Improvement Board discussed a plan to reduce the number of smokers in the county. The scheme has been proposed following...

    Oxford University Hospitals staffing woes persist

    The trust has exceeded its annual agency staff spending cap, as well as seeing an increase in the number of EU nurses leaving their posts.

    Oxford University Hospital privatisation row referred to Secretary for Health

    Oxford University Hospitals will now work with private medical company InHealth to provide PET-CT scans, following threats of legal action by NHS England.

    Who is responsible for allergen information?

    Our health and wellness depends upon a reform in the way our food is labelled
    Rice in hand.

    The Anatomy of Portioning

    The problem of portion sizing facing our national nutrition
    pen on paper about to write new year's resolutions with coffee

    ‘New year, new me’: why it’s time to ditch new year’s...

    Only 8% of us actually stick to our New Year's resolutions