Sunday, February 28, 2021
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    Hollywood’s Hellboy watershed moment

    Greg Brinkworth argues that the resignation of Ed Skrein from the cast of Hellboy might finally signal a turning point for minority representation in Hollywood

    Woody Harrelson, lost in Oxford

    Woody Harrelson dissects new film Lost in London, comedy, drugs, and global warming with Megan Husain and Olivia Webster

    Asian actors are invisible in Hollywood

    Vivien Zhu argues that change from studios and in racial attitudes is necessary to make progress on the under representation of Asian actors

    A limp, lifeless insult to every single viewer

    Christopher Goring is reduced to a gibbering mess by "Sandy Wexler"

    Hollywood: Beyond the Pale?

    David Lawton feels it’s time to reject Hollywood’s regime of systematic oppression once and for all