Wednesday, February 24, 2021
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    Is the Christmas vac actually the worst holiday of the year?

    In very simple terms, yes: the Christmas vacation is arguably the worst of the year. It is usually the shortest— 39 days this year. It may...

    No home, no vote, no option

    “Same old, same old as far as I’m concerned,” said 46-year-old Shamen Hazzard, a rough sleeper in Oxford, dismissing the prospect of voting in this year’s...

    Oxford City Council launch new provision to tackle homelessness

    Oxford City Council have announced a new provision designed to tackle homelessness. The scheme, known as the ‘Somewhere Safe to Stay’ service, will provide...

    Plea for £1.5 million to fight homelessness

    A new city-wide partnership was launched last week to reduce rough sleeping in Oxford. Designed to be “innovative and inclusive,” the Oxford Homeless Movement...

    Counter homelessness initiative launched in South Oxfordshire

    Soha House are jointly funding the ‘Housing First’ project with South Oxford District Council, which focuses on providing housing for homeless people with complex...

    Homelessness is not just for Christmas

    Attention must be given to the problem of homelessness all year round if the issue is to be tackled.

    Project SOUP to host fundraising dinner

    Proceeds from the "soup dinner" will be split between three homeless charities

    Council opens new hub to tackle homelessness

    The hub will be used by multiple groups focused on reducing homelessness, including St Mungo's and Crisis

    Barcodes for the homeless: insulting or ingenious?

    Tara Sallis and Sophie Kilminster debate the implications of giving barcodes to the homeless

    Wadham evict three homeless people

    The individuals had been occupying land owned by Wadham at the end of Savile Road since last month, using materials from the College to build shelters