Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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    The film at the centre of India’s free speech debate

    The future of Bollywood rests on the response to controversial film Padmaavat

    The shameful truth about Churchill

    Despite Winston Churchill's major role in one of the greatest famines in the history of mankind he is still unduly lauded by the British people

    Music without borders : Misogyny and Bollywood

    Jeevan Ravindran exposes the contradictions within Hindi cinema

    PakSoc beaten by rivals OIS

    Shiv Bhardwaj reports on a convincing victory for Bharat Ramanathan's Oxford India Society CC

    Oxford Merchandise continues to expand in India

    The Oxford brand is licenced for merchandising across 80 nations

    Oxford poet wins prestigious award

    The director of Oxford Business College is to receive an award for his poetry, written in Hindi

    An Indian Christmas feast

    Gitanjali Sharma recalls the Indian dishes she sampled around the Christmas dinner table this year

    “I was a part of him, nothing more”

    Simran Uppal finds inspiration in the recollection of his grandfather’s stories about Jalandhar, India