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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Tag: innovation

Tradition in innovation: Fluminense’s mosaico

"Underneath the surface of floating pieces of coloured paper are multitudes of fans dancing, chanting and jumping in a relentless attempt to mute the opposition fans’ voices. Each is partaking in a ritual that has survived generations."

Students win £10,000 prize for using artificial intelligence cancer diagnosis kit

DECancer.AI artificial intelligence detects early cancer through analysis of an affordable blood test and the patient's medical history, allowing for early treatment and care and increasing the chances of the cancer being cured.

Oxford launches new social enterprise support scheme

Oxford University has launched a new social enterprise support scheme in order to enable academics the opportunity to create new “spinout companies” based on...

Universities crucial in almost half of new inventions—and Oxford is the best

The study also revealed that universities contributed to around 75 per cent of the world’s important inventions

Oxford University start-up fund becomes largest in the UK

A multi-million pound cash injection increases Oxford Sciences Innovation budget to £580 million

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