Monday, January 18, 2021
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    Debate: The West Has No Role To Play In The Middle...

    Proposition - Leo Rogers When considering as large a question as the West’s role in the Middle East, we should be starting with the bare...

    John Bolton: The case for a citizen’s arrest

    While the Union’s courting of the far-right has brought protests and boycotts, Bolton’s visit has gone largely unremarked - but he represents an immediate threat to the lives of people of colour.

    Iraq is not a twentieth century Crusade

    Oxford historian Christopher Tyerman delivers a polemic speech against rhetorical comparisons between the war on terror and the crusades

    The queen of artistic appropriation is crowned at the Tate Modern

    Nicola Dwornik reviews a long overdue exhibition of Fahrelnissa Zeid's life and work

    Labour ought not to disown Blair

    New Labour achieved much during its 13 years in power—if the party want to win again they would do well to own their legacy says Annie Simm

    The hawks take flight over Syria

    Gavin Fleming reflects on Trump's Syrian airstrikes and the imperative of avoiding conflict with Russia