Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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    OPINION: Boris’ Bill will shatter peace in Northern Ireland

    "If this Bill goes through, if the Conservative party hurtles headlong into a no-deal Brexit, Lyra McKee will lose her status as the last victim of the Troubles."

    Review: Conversations with Friends

    At one point in Sally Rooney’s Conversations with Friends, the protagonist, Frances, tells her best friend and former girlfriend, Bobbi: ‘If I could talk like you...

    Ireland: Regression or Revolution?

    Michael Dolan considers Sinn Fein's surprising success at the Irish election last weekend.

    Redemption for the Fallen Women

    The Magdalene Sisters - a film by Peter Mullan - follows the story of four fictional women who writhe against the fate of 30,000...

    Repeal the 8th should not politicise our JCRs

    Although well-intentioned, motions by Christ Church and the SU risk alienating students

    It’s our generation’s responsibility

    20 years after the Good Friday Agreement was ratified by dual referenda, Peter Madden and Conleth Burns reflect on the journey travelled so far and the challenges ahead with former Permanent Secretary of the Northern Ireland Office, Sir Jonathan Phillips

    College JCRs discuss funding Irish students to vote in referendum

    The minutes of the Christ Church meeting, seen by Cherwell, showed that some students were concerned the motion was "irrelevant", as there were only two JCR members eligible to receive funding.

    The Lonesome West review – ‘a pressure-cooker of rage and almost-erupting...

    Practically Peter Production give an impressive rendering of Martin McDonagh's dark comedy

    The Ferryman Review – ‘bursting with intergenerational energy and tragic potency’

    Jez Butterworth and Sam Mendes' present a tale of a family riven by personal loss and political upheaval

    Repealing the 8th: a movement for all generations

    All generations need to engage in the upcoming Irish abortion referendum