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The quiet language revolution in Russia’s former empire

"Where Western broadcasters once used Russian versions of Ukrainian names for people, cities, and so on, they are now switching to English spellings that are more in line with the Ukrainian language."

P.S. I still love writing letters

"In searching for an activity to keep away the boredom, it was during lockdown that my love for letter writing was reignited."

Jashn-e-Riwaj and linguistic myopia

"There is, then, a truly outrageous hypocrisy in criticising companies for choosing Urdu names and in the same breath making daily use of Arabic and Persian vocabulary loaned into Hindustani."

Hindi and Urdu: A language divided, or a shared history destroyed?

CW: Violence I was in Tesco last week, looking at the tomatoes. A man to my right commented on the ripeness of the peppers. I...

“Vax” Oxford University Press word of the year

The Oxford Word of the Year award, run by Oxford Languages, is intended to be a word that ‘reflects the ethos, mood, or preoccupations of that particular year and to have lasting potential as a word of cultural significance’. It is decided through various means, including individual social media suggestions, and high-tech software which scans millions of words from online publications over the past twelve months.

Government funds Oxford-researched Early Language Programme in 6,500 primary schools

"According to the National Literacy Trust, 16.4% of UK adults (7.1 million people) are functionally illiterate, which has been strongly linked to reduced economic, physical and personal wellbeing. Problems start early, with one in five 11-year-olds unable to read well."

Lidl to set up Oxford German graduate scholarship

The company will also sponsor a new competition, the Lidl Undergraduate Prize in German Studies and a fund to support students on their year abroad

Finding national identity at the corner shop

Jaleh Brazell reflects on family, fish and chips, and having a name no one can pronounce

Rewind: The English Bible

Amy Booth examines the seminal 1535 release of the English bible

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