Thursday, November 26, 2020
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    Review: The Treasures of Recycled Sculpture

    At a first glance, Reinvention ‘The Treasures of Recycled Sculpture’ was a breath of fresh air from the chaos of fast-fashion, pollution and upheaval. It demonstrated the possibilities of recycling and sustainability in the production of works of art.

    Matsubara: Lifelines

    Mia Simovic on the dynamic and versatile woodcuts of Japanese artist Naoko Matsubara

    Fry ‘held audience in the palm of his hand’ in Mythos...

    Fry has enough charisma and charm to match any of the Olympian characters in his tales, but could he hold the audience’s attention for such a mythological marathon as this?

    Hannah Kessler: “Music is an incredibly therapeutic thing”

    Lily Begg discusses subverting the male gaze, empowerment and juggling Oxford life with up and coming musician Hannah Kessler

    This is bad for Labour, but the results ought not to...

    Alex Yeandle argues that we must tread carefully when attempting to predict the general election on the back of local results