Tuesday, August 3, 2021
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    In Truth

    'Everything I told you Came out untrue'

    Cherwell Recommends: Love of all kinds

    As Valentine's Day looms, it's not hard to find examples of romantic love. But literature celebrates the expanse of human emotion, so our books editors have picked out two moving illustrations of the other forms love takes.

    Literary Loves: What fictional romance has taught me about real-life relationships

    For the first 17 years of my life, I felt like everything I knew about love I learned from books. Sure, as a self-conscious...

    Number 19

    'Walking along the Edgware Road It's ten o'clock at night I glance down at my phone amongst it all And it's your name that glows in the light'


    'a few more days of worrying about weddings, wondering why we seem to copy the lives of those we wish would love us'

    Two Poems

    "The memory is hazy, the photographic still of the memory I keep in my head, more so."

    Love from,

    'You're in all the details, taking up the small spaces/You're filling in the gaps between words in this poem.'


    Regaining my youth only means losing you all over again.

    Cherpse! Eve and Thomas

    Eve, German and Spanish, LMH, 2nd Year First impressions? He had a very impressive bookshelf! Did it meet up to your expectations? I am no good...

    How to have the perfect relationship (and other lies)

    Often, Men seem Martian. They just baffle me. And I’ve got it on good authority that despite our best efforts, they’re regularly just as...