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The Modern Memoir

“I can’t believe that we’re on the fifth instalment of my autobiography. As usual with me, the three years since my last...

Violent Music – Acaster’s ‘Perfect Sound Whatever’

Perfect Sound Whatever is comedian James Acaster’s part-memoir, part-encyclopaedic recount of the records that made 2016 the Greatest Year for Music of...

Review: ‘Howards End is on the Landing’

Oxford time does not have the rhythms of ordinary time. There are very few moments for extended, contemplative, peaceful reading, of the...
The Holocaust memorial in Berlin.

Bart van Es and the ripple effect of trauma

Bart van Es' new memoir reminds its readers that the aftermath of trauma is as much about inherited damage as it is about triumph and liberation.
A shot of some people reaching towards the camera, underwater

Thinking Through The Flesh

A review of Lidia Yuknavitch's new memoir, The Chronology of Water.
A view of the night sky, with stars visible

The Consolation of ‘Constellations’

A review of Sinéad Gleeson's new memoir.

Reversed: A Memoir

'One of the striking points the memoir illustrates is the level of abuse children with learning disabilities face, from teachers and others' says Kurien Parel