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Monday, June 27, 2022

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Now do I belong?: The effects of early-onset impostor syndrome

As Hilary Term drew to a close and we sat in my friend’s room, anticipating a final night out, we reflected on how we’d...

Do LGBT+ creatives have a responsibility to produce queer art?

Being "protected" from anything that resembled queerness did not manage to make me straight

Big White Wall to give students 24/7 mental health support

Oxford University has signed up to Big White Wall, an online community offering 24/7 mental health support for issues such as exam stress, depression,...

Global study to analyse social distancing effect on mental wellbeing and behaviour

As the COVID-19 pandemic is creating new universal norms, a new global study aims to analyse the psychological effects of social distancing on citizens...

Mental Health Services Under Corona: A Chance to do Better

As we face the universal challenge of lockdown life, Sasha Mills is hopeful that when we finally reach the other side of the rainbow there will be a better mental health service waiting.

Home Workouts: A Guide

With term looming and a reading list down to our feet, we’re all getting our fair share of mental exercise. But with thinking comes frustration, and...

Anxiety and Me

If I am having a bad day I am going to tell you and have no shame about it.

Sleep is for the Rich

This may sound familiar. Five political prisoners are locked in a gas chamber in 1940s Russia. In a military-sanctioned experiment, the subjects are kept awake...

New Oxfordshire service supports children’s mental health

Oxfordshire Discovery College is a new mental health service supporting children and young people. It was created in response to research findings that rates...

A Bleak Night from a Student’s View

Ben Gray discusses the impact of the University's coronavirus strategy on mental health.

New Oxford study identifies main suicide risk factors

Last week, researchers from the University of Oxford and the Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, published a new study on lifetime suicide risk factors in the...

Why the vac isn’t enough to solve Oxford’s mental health problem

"There are few greater temptations on earth than to stay permanently at Oxford in meditation, and to read all the books in the Bodleian.” Although I...

Review: Section Two

Phoebe Hennell reviews Tom Gould's new play 'Section Two'

For whom and for how long?

Reminiscing about one’s teenage years is a rather cinematic task. After all, Hollywood has made a great profit from narrating stories about what being a teenager should be and feel like.

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