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Review: A View from the Bridge – ‘dramatic, gripping and surprisingly funny’

This latest revival of the Arthur Miller classic copes well with its challenging text (and challenging accent).

Preview: A View from the Bridge – a fresh take on the Miller classic

Practically Peter Productions bring the Arthur Miller classic set in 1950s Brooklyn to the Pilch in Sixth Week.

Preview: Your Little Play – ‘your life is defined by the choices you make’

A piece of new writing about sexual misconduct and power feels particularly timely as it heads to the Pilch in 4th week.

Review: I punched a Nazi (((and i liked it))) – ‘Brechtian to the absolute T’

I found out I wasn’t going to be allowed to punch a Nazi

Review: Many Moons – “thoroughly compelling”

Stellar performances and staging create a wonderfully emotive piece, but its bitter narrative makes it a hard pill to swallow

Preview: Many Moons – ‘the edges of a crowd’

Small Fry Theatre’s production of the Alice Birch play provides a tense snapshot between the worlds of the intimate and immense

Review: How to Make Friends and then Kill Them – ‘brilliantly toes the line between laughing and crying’

Coningsby Productions' three-woman production impresses with its relentless movement and convincing performances

Review: House of Improv presents: I’m an Improviser Get Me Out of Here! – ‘relentlessly silly’

House of Improv presents an improvised hour of moon shoes, jacuzzis, and reckless fun

Death By Murder Review – ‘an endearingly ambitious bunch of clowns’

Oxford's newest improvised comedy troupe impress in their debut show at the Pilch

Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again Review – ‘a perfect balance between unsettling humour and sincere urgency’

Alice is impressed by this urgent feminist showcase, although it sometimes feels constrained

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