Friday, April 16, 2021
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    The misogynist within: calling ourselves out

    TW: Mentions of sexual violence "Rather than teaching men that to assault is wrong, society teaches women to do all they can to avoid it." Flora Dyson unpacks the phenomenon of internalised misogyny and questions how we can tackle it.

    I’ll Bark if I Want To: On Letting Women Be Angry

    So I say: let women be angry. Let us bark at men in the streets who catcall us, let us foam at the mouths when men tell us to smile more, let us hiss at those who deem our clothes 'too revealing.'

    “Lil Thot”: How female empowerment and music intersect

    One of the first lessons we are taught as children is that to gain respect, we must first earn it. Yet for women in...

    Our prudish British culture means the death of good sex

    The UK’s approach to sex education is dated and dangerous

    The Kardashians have made millions from misogyny

    They aren’t feminist heroes, but they’re brilliant business women

    Caring about O’Mara’s past is not pedantic – it’s our duty

    The O’Mara case is a good example of the role the news media can play, writes Benedict George

    Facing the difficulties of going ‘au naturel’

    Eleanor Birdsall-Smith examines our fascination with 'natural beauty' and its destructive effects