Thursday, January 28, 2021
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    Lady Pat. R. Honising – Mumps Mayhem …

    Dear Lady Pat, I thought I was safe, I thought my parents had set me up to go into the world well loved,...

    Oxford hit by mumps outbreak

    LMH, Brasenose, and Corpus have all acknowledged outbreaks of the disease. Cases have also been reported at Univ, Oriel, Hertford, and Queen’s.

    Corpus warns students of mumps outbreak

    In an email from the College Nurse and Welfare Dean, students were advised to "not attend tutorial, lectures or interact with other students for 5 days after the initial development".

    Mumps return after Univ hit with outbreak

    Infected students have been told to stay under quarantine conditions

    Outbreak of mumps plagues Oxford’s colleges

    As a result of the outbreak students have been sent home, cricket games have been cancelled, and preliminary and final exams are under threat