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    New Bodleian exhibit sheds light on destructive legacy of the British Empire

    "The exhibition will take its visitors on a unique journey through the history of the slave trade by forcing them to consider the simple tools that ultimately enabled this systemic persecution."

    “A generosity of spirit in her landscapes”: the artwork of Jean Jones

    English painter Jean Jones was once predicted by Iris Murdoch to become ‘as famous as Van Gogh’.

    Whistler at the Musée d’Orsay: An American in Paris

    Whistler orchestrates a symphony of colors, symbols, and gestures that takes art beyond the canvas.

    History of Science Museum reopens

    Oxford's History of Science Museum has re-opened, heralded by an Islamic metalwork exhibition. The focus of the display has been themed to highlight the...

    Pitt Rivers to restore Maasai artefacts

    A group of Maasai tribespeople visited Oxford this month as part of an effort to retrieve sacred objects held by the Pitt Rivers Museum. The...

    From Istanbul to Oxford

    The exhibition highlights coffee’s sociable origins embedded within a culture of meeting to talk and read. Although sadly underplayed, the most insightful element of the display is the recognition of the culture clash.

    Last Supper in Pompeii

    The enticing title doesn’t do justice, however, to the breadth of the collection: 400 objects from around the Roman world and beyond, covering centuries, showcasing the Romans’ relationship to food and drink.

    Hungary’s Holocaust distortion

    Orban’s project of misinformation risks erasing his country’s dark past.

    BREAKING: Climate activist glues himself to Darwin statue in Natural History Museum

    The activist was allegedly able to recite a poem for the onlookers before being removed from the statue by security guards, and detained by police outside the museum.

    Pitt Rivers collaborates with Shuar representatives to review shrunken heads display

    The Pitt Rivers Museum is reviewing its display of shrunken heads after concerns were raised about the sensitivity of the display. The museum has...

    May I Borrow The Tiger Please?

    The history of Tipu Sultan’s Tiger is the history of imperialistic acquisition

    The Pitt Rivers must face its dark past

    Museum director Dr. Van Broekhoven agrees that a future must be found for the Pitt Rivers' colonial history

    Historians slam plans to replace display cases at University museum

    The wooden display cases in the Oxford University Museum of Natural History are set to be replaced by glass cabinets

    Conjuring some museum magic

    Altair Brandon-Salmon is astounded by the Ashmolean’s Islam exhibition, Power and Protection

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