Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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    Review: “Smart Casual” // GOYA Theatre

    'For a student work the topics discussed are close to home. It’s why the promise of a grounded and tender depiction of undeniably important years works so well. The piece made me feel like that time could be a bit more real, and so a bit more manageable.'

    Jellicle Cats Come One, Come All: In Conversation with the Cast...

    West End actor Harry Francis was six years old when he saw CATS for the first time. “I was obsessed with it,” he tells me,...

    The Epic Highs and Lows of Riverdale

    'Riverdale is the teen drama to end all teen dramas. What started off as a fairly standard show about a teen murder mystery has evolved into essentially a parody of itself. '

    Checkmate or blunder? Adapting “The Queen’s Gambit” for the musical stage

    "To adapt such a complex series into a musical would be to severely undermine the weight of each of these topics and in turn, the production would do no justice to the character of Beth Harmon and the communities she represents." Beth Ranasinghe considers the obstacles in the path of adapting the hit Netflix show for the musical stage.

    Modern musicals and new writing: where did musical theatre leave off?

    CW: Addiction, rape, homophobia, conversion therapy, depression. "While the apparent lack of original musicals can feel disheartening, there’s actually a lot of original work out there." Katie Kirkpatrick looks at the state of new musical theatre.
    Image Credit: Marc Brenner

    Fun Home?

    CW: sexual assault, child abuse, suicide, homophobia. 2015 was a great year in the history of musical theatre, possibly the greatest year of this century...

    Hope in the Dark: The ‘New World’ Playlist

    "We could all do with a bit of escape and a bit of hope"

    ‘The Most Important Thing to Do is to Keep Creating’: In...

    It is no secret that Covid-19 has put a strain on the UK's live theatre, especially given recent restrictions legally limiting public indoor gatherings...

    ‘Measure in Love’ – Preview

    In the last few months, many aspects of our lives have had to change and adapt to fit into what we call ‘the new...
    Obama greets the cast of Hamilton

    When Will We Be “Satisfied”? – Hamilton And Its Discontents

    Four years after the now familiar opening thumps of Hamilton were first heard, the White House has met the Mouse-House; Disney+ allows subscribers to...