Sunday, December 6, 2020
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    An unhealthy obsession? The cult of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ‘Cats’

    I must confess – I am quite obsessed with Cats. Not the animal, of course, but Andrew Lloyd Webber’s...

    ‘The Last Five Years’: discussing adaptation, distance and theatre’s survival

    Imagine if you could see how your relationships would end as soon as you started them. In The Last Five Years, this...

    Review: Beard

    McNelis' new musical is gripping and raises the important issue of homophobia in sport.

    Review: Spring Awakening

    The Oxford Playhouse's Michaelmas Musical proves an ambitious, vibrant and exiting feat.

    Preview: Spring Awakening

    Jaya Rana previews Oxford Playhouse's Michaelmas student musical, Spring Awakening.

    “All My Loving”- a love letter to the Beatles’ uncompromising “A...

    John, Paul, George and Ringo, chased through the oft-mistook Marylebone station, boyishly attempting to evade a hoard of adoring young fans. It is an...
    A man and woman sit facing apart on separate ends of a mock-train with violin players in the centre

    Review: Amélie The Musical – ‘a story of relentless optimism’

    A touring production of the 2015 Broadway show finally comes into its own at the New Theatre Oxford

    Review: How to Use a Washing Machine – ‘script and score...

    SLAM Theatre's original musical impresses in Oxford before it embarks on a national tour
    Two people stand on a box with two people either side, all of them are singing

    Review: Ordinary Days – ‘brings the score to life in quite...

    A rom-com premise gives way to a brilliant musical at the BT, with endearing and relatable performances
    A young woman reads a small piece of paper excitedly and another young woman behind her reads it too

    Review: A Little Night Music – ‘a sophisticated and pleasant performance’

    Despite some minor setbacks on the opening night, A Little Night Music delivers a confident performance, including some moments of hilarity