Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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    Addressing the Unknown

    'Let's watch the sun making its paperboy/rounds tapping on the window and shedding/off its flecks of glow'

    Soil: On Digging a Hole

    "A worm has beaten me to the hole I’m digging; when I pull apart the soil, I find a slender punctuation mark in the mud. Its pink body threads through the dark clay."


    "in a quiet hollow on the far side of this field rain patters through the leaves like twinkling glass"

    Paying Attention

    "I wrote that the world feels too much of everything, that I am so lucky to be in it."


    The energy in the trees was palpable- at once pulsating and swirling

    Friday Favourite: The Uninhabitable Earth

    The book currently on top of my ever-growing ‘To Read’ pile is David Wallace-Well’s 2019 book The Uninhabitable Earth. Based on his 2017 essay of the...


    Her golden plumage shivered to a mane That grew the stalks and limbs of flowers and trees

    What follows is an apology

    it was different back then; we didn’t know, didn’t understand…


    made its blades stand sentinel and straight, made the lock stick on the kissing gate

    Human nature: why we should all be getting outdoors

    At the moment, I feel more grateful than ever to live where I do. My house backs on to fields meaning whichever direction I...