Sunday, May 22, 2022
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Tag: Nature

Silent Spring

"The river near the house welcomes my anger. A ray of drowned sunlight charges the water with colour. I ritually trace my childhood steps"

Drawn to Nature: Flies

Animals come in many shapes and sizes, none more so than flies. There are flies that mimic other species, flies with incredible iridescent bodies,...

Addressing the Unknown

'Let's watch the sun making its paperboy/rounds tapping on the window and shedding/off its flecks of glow'

Soil: On Digging a Hole

"A worm has beaten me to the hole I’m digging; when I pull apart the soil, I find a slender punctuation mark in the mud. Its pink body threads through the dark clay."


"in a quiet hollow on the far side of this field rain patters through the leaves like twinkling glass"

Paying Attention

"I wrote that the world feels too much of everything, that I am so lucky to be in it."


The energy in the trees was palpable- at once pulsating and swirling

Friday Favourite: The Uninhabitable Earth

The book currently on top of my ever-growing ‘To Read’ pile is David Wallace-Well’s 2019 book The Uninhabitable Earth. Based on his 2017 essay of the...


Her golden plumage shivered to a mane That grew the stalks and limbs of flowers and trees

What follows is an apology

it was different back then; we didn’t know, didn’t understand…