Monday, March 8, 2021
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    Central Oxford to be closed while new Netflix show filmed

    Jill Cushen reports on the upcoming Netflix show "Anatomy of a Scandal", parts of which will be filmed in Oxford.

    Review: The Social Dilemma

    "The Netflix documentary The Social Dilemma, depicts the rise of social media and personalised online services. Deeply unnerving, it shows us not only their power over each and every one of us, but also their damage to society."

    The Crown’s Unspoken Words

    'I think, when it comes to any biopic, "real history" has to be deprioritised. If an accurate and chronological rendering of history is what you're looking for, watch a documentary!' Maebh Howell writes on the dichotomies of the biopic, asking which is to be prioritised; accurate truth-telling or entertaining story-telling.

    La vita davanti a sé: Sex, death and Sophia Loren

    Long time, no see! Sophia Loren, Italian star of ‘60s classics such as 1963's Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow and 1964's Marriage Italian Style, commands...

    Eagerly Anticipating: Sex Education Series 3

    "I am desperately hoping Sex Education returns as planned in January – we don’t need any more bad news this year."

    Between a rook and a hard place: Female ambition in The...

    The Queen’s Gambit is refreshing because it offers a model of masculinity that is neither toxic nor fragile, but supportive and generous.

    Why Tiger King is the antithesis, not the antidote, to the...

    There are under 3500 tigers remaining in the wild globally. There are anywhere between 5000-10,000 tigers currently in captivity in the United States. This...

    Uniquely comforting consolation: a look at Netflix’s Tiger King

    A show perfectly designed to offer release has to do that without troubling itself with the burdens of social responsibility

    I’m watching ‘YOU’

    When its second series aired in December 2019, the Netflix hit YOU managed to take trashy TV to new levels. Complete with sex, violence,...

    Culture and isolation: the silver linings

    I’ve found myself – an English undergraduate – reading for fun again.