Friday, January 22, 2021
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    Reuters Institute studying COVID-19 impact on public engagement with news

    A new research project, launched by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, will analyse public opinion towards media coverage of COVID-19. As part...

    Self-isolated student diagnosed with Covid-19

    Public Health England (PHE) has confirmed that a student at the University of Oxford has tested positive for coronavirus (Covid-19) after returning home from...

    Rebranding Climate Change: An Imagery Crisis

    We have no time to sit and mourn the collapse of a single ice cap or, more brutally, the death of a few Arctic polar bears; we are now facing a human crisis, with human impacts. To stop large-scale death and destruction in the world’s poorest areas, we must act now.

    BREAKING: Oxford announces record state school offers

    Oxford University has announced that more than 69% of undergraduate offers have been made to students attending state schools. The increase of 4.6% is...

    The world’s in dissarhea: the sillier side of life

    Turn on the news, open up the paper and prepare to enjoy the strangest show of all – the real world.

    Research by Oxford University reveals scale of Russian intervention in US...

    Research by Oxford University’s Computational Propaganda Project and network analysis firm Graphika provides an in-depth analysis into Russia’s disinformation campaign around the 2016 US election.

    University spends £11m on staff credit cards

    Cards at other universities were used at strip clubs and for a trip to Las Vegas

    VC claims £5k on luxury hotels

    Richardson has claimed over £69,000 in expenses since taking up her position in 2016.

    Colleges under pressure after flooding damage

    Heavy rain caused the guttering at Wadham to overflow, which left the top of the library, the MCR, and five student bedrooms affected.

    Univ JCR votes against motion to limit ‘reckless’ spending

    A member of the JCR executive explained: “The point [of the motion] is making people aware that they have responsibility when they get specific allocations from the JCR."