Sunday, March 7, 2021
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    There’s a greater lesson lying behind the Norrington Table

    We must continue to question the relationship between college wealth and academic success.

    St. John’s tops 2018 Norrington Table

    60 of 109 Finalists at the College are awarded Firsts, with 94% of Finalists across the University achieving at least a 2.1

    Why money matters: college financial and educational disparities revealed

    Cherwell analysis of exam results data shows that seventeen of the top twenty best academically performing colleges are also among the top twenty richest colleges

    Living wage ‘Norrington Table’ launched

    The table, compiled by the Oxford University Living Wage Campaign, ranks each college by a range of factors, including base pay rate, job security, and bonuses

    The Norrington Table serves no meaningful purpose

    Daniel Kodsi argues that the Norrington Table's is too superficial to provide any valuable insight into collegiate disparity in finals

    New College storms to top of Norrington Table

    Merton knocked from the top of this year's Norrington Table, as Lincoln falls to bottom