Friday, September 17, 2021
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    The simplification of our politics is a modern scourge

    Simplistic, outraged rhetoric and a failure to focus on nuance prevents proper debate at a time when it is more important than ever

    The Making of Pray it Doesn’t Rain

    Nabeela Zaman addresses the surge of homelessness in Oxford in her documentary Pray it Doesn't Rain.

    Government blocks Oxford MP’s bill for rough sleepers

    Layla Moran’s bill was motivated in part by student campaigning efforts to repeal the Vagrancy Act

    Homeless emergency protocol activated

    The Severe Weather Emergency Protocol will now have been in operation for 31 nights this winter

    Balliol introduces Oxford’s first homelessness representative

    The new officer will publicise volunteering and collect donations for Turl Street Homeless Action

    Council pledges £1.4m to help the homeless

    The new budget proposes large spending increases for prevention and housing

    OUSU calls on city council to “stop targeting Oxford’s rough sleepers”

    On Your Doorstep campaign launches petition over the use of anti-social behaviour legislation