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    Week 3 editorial

    Pieter Garicano, Cherwell Editor-in-Chief: Our front page this week deals with the mismarking of finals and their consequences. One student had a 64 marked as...

    Comment highlights MT21

    'Impossible to choose' Leah Mitchell We’ve had so many great articles this term that I found it impossible to choose just one! My particular highlights were...

    Seen and not heard: the film industry’s troubled relationship with female directors

    Scarlett Colquitt responds to the claim that "women directed films have a softer tone" with an examination of role of female directors in today's film industry.

    Opinion: Why I won’t volunteer for access events

    "When it comes time for college to recruit volunteers for open days, I find myself asking why, as a gay working-class man, would I recommend someone to study in a place which has made me feel so unwelcome."

    OPINION: The new foreign policy and international aid ‘super-department’ suggests the Government is choosing politics over people

    "Aid must be apportioned on the basis of necessity first and foremost, not dictated by foreign policy interests"

    Liberalism’s Moment of Truth

    The night overtaketh the day, the four horsemen draw near, and pestilence approacheth. The apocalypse is at hand, and the state, in shining armour,...

    Calm Down About Your Five-Year Plan

    Timea Iliffe questions at what point we all started living by the unspoken five year plan

    Don’t Panic

    When my Mum first met my Dad, she declared to all in the pub that he was “the sort of man that listens to...

    Mr Gorbachev, Tear Down This Protest Art

    Thirty years ago, the Berlin Wall came down. Any art fan should celebrate that. Not just because it represented a profound triumph for free expression against the forces of authoritarianism and censorship, but because the thing was a bloody eyesore. The grey concrete was awful enough, but then the Berliners went and covered it in sodding graffiti.

    Why Read Poetry?

    It’s easy to be intimidated by poetry. Often it withholds as much as it gives, leaves obscure as much as it reveals. So why read poetry?

    Why I won’t be protesting Trump

    A decade of unknown change is worth protesting more than a two day visit

    Our prudish British culture means the death of good sex

    The UK’s approach to sex education is dated and dangerous

    Could Friends be any more problematic?

    Rewatching the sitcom in 2018 makes me feel uncomfortable

    The Kardashians have made millions from misogyny

    They aren’t feminist heroes, but they’re brilliant business women

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