Saturday, July 31, 2021
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    College policies vary after easing of national restrictions

    "While the outlook is more optimistic and restrictions are gradually easing, the pandemic is not yet over."

    Colleges announce return policies

    Following the government announcement that students on non-practical courses not already exempt will be unable to return to Oxford until the 17th of May,...

    Students will not be charged for rooms unoccupied over Hilary

    “We're pleased to see that the University has recognised the challenges students are facing and have ensured students won't have to pay rent for rooms they cannot use. We also welcome that the vast majority of colleges have adopted similar policies.”

    Self-isolation for international students: How has your college responded?

    Government guidance means that students travelling from certain countries overseas will have to self-isolate for 14 days upon arrival in the UK. Following Oriel...

    Motion banning student-staff relationships spreads across JCRs

    A motion banning relationships between staff members and any students over whom they have responsibility is being discussed in many JCRs. The motion states that such...

    Oxford colleges provide meals for the vulnerable

    A number of Oxford colleges have joined forces to assist with an Oxford Mutual Aid (OMA) project to make and deliver hot meals to...

    Oxford distances itself from Trump hopeful

    Ted Malloch, an academic who is said to be in line for the post of United States ambassador to the European Union, is accused...