Friday, April 16, 2021
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    The comedy bug

    No sympathy laughs from your mate when the joke doesn’t quite land; no in-jokes to fall back on; no new haircut to make fun of. Comedy is a savage mistress.
    Six people stand against a wall with different expressions and postures.

    Preview: The Oxford Revue and Friends – ‘plenty of laugh-of-out moments’

    The Oxford Revue are headed to the Playhouse stage in 8th week, along with some special guests
    A group of figures stand above a dead body.

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    The Oxford Revue's latest show builds up to a brilliant punchline
    A group of Oxford Revue performers wear an eclectic collection of outfits

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    "No description, no plot summary can do justice to this highly eclectic and wonderfully unpredictable piece of theatre"

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    The Oxford Revue's desires to experiment creates some hilarious moments, but perhaps lacks through-line to bring the show together

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    Funny friends and frenetic feminisms fuse in this upcoming Playhouse performance

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    Krysianna Papadakis finds a lot of nuance in Oxford Revue's latest sketch show

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