Wednesday, January 27, 2021
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    Students petition for removal of Rhodes statue, protest planned for Tuesday

    In the wake of protests following the killing of George Floyd and an upsurge of anti-racist movement across the UK and within Oxford, there...

    Petition launched to protect UK’s role in Erasmus

    A petition to put pressure on the government to protect the UK’s role in the EU’s Erasmus scheme has received over 26,000 signatures.  MPs voted...

    Language Centre Library closure woes continue

    A consultation on the library's future began in February, but registered users were only notified three weeks before the end date

    Let’s get on with it

    The petition to revoke Article 50 changes nothing; we must leave the EU as swiftly as possible.

    Oxford student successful in campaign for mother’s right to cross Mexico-US...

    Bill De La Rosa launched a campaign after U.S. authorities denied his mother's plea to visit his dying father one last time

    Vice-Chancellor urged to renew commitment to city cyclists

    The move comes after Claudia Comberti, a DPhil student at the Environmental Change Institute, was run over and killed

    Students to take stand against fee increases

    Students support Jeremy Corbyn’s petition against the government increase in tuition fees

    Scientists fight prejudice in gowns

    Petition suggests all wear commoner's gown to avoid prejudice