Sunday, September 19, 2021
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    Cherwell Looks In: Episode 1, Oxford Zines

    In our first episode of Cherwell Looks In, Sophie Elliott dives into the world of Oxford’s vibrant zine culture. Featuring speakers from The Isis...

    History of Ideas: talking politics and escaping science

    This podcast is a godsend. It’s like a crash course in ideology, philosophical chat with a friend and yogic meditation all rolled into one.

    Tuning in: Podcasts in lockdown

    It’s no wonder then that in times of hardship and isolation, such as these, podcasts are more popular than ever.

    The best podcasts to banish boredom

    So, you’ve baked the perfect banana bread, binged Tiger King, considered giving yourself a fringe à la Normal People’s Marianne, or buying a chain...

    The Rise of Podcast Journalism

    Exploring the new media phenomenon