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    New era of porn not welcome, says Union

    The Oxford Union voted against welcoming the new era of porn. The motion failed with 139 votes in favour and 171 votes against. 

    In Conversation with Bruce LaBruce

    "'Horror movies and porn movies are structured in exactly the same way,' he begins, 'the narrative is structured as a pretext for a number of these explosive climaxes. One victim at a time, one sex scene at a time.'"

    The problem with Pornhub: and how they get away with it

    "Tube sites like PornHub have conditioned us to expect that porn should always be free; but this convenience has a cost."

    Restrict, Regulate or Educate? Young People and Online Porn

    Mia Sorenti explores the complexities regarding young people and exposure to online pornography. It is likely the majority of us have come into contact with...

    Pembroke tutor imprisoned for indecent images

    TW: child pornography, sexual abuse Philosophy professor Peter King has been jailed for possessing almost 3,000 indecent images. He was sentenced to seven months in custody and...

    Pembroke tutor guilty of possession of child pornography

    TW: Child Pornography, sexual abuse Philosophy tutor Peter King entered a guilty plea on Thursday, charged with possession of child pornography. Previously a Stipendiary...

    Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom: The Pornography of Power

    "Pasolini uses the language and imagery of obscenity in order to shock, but if not shocked, we would only be indifferent."

    Lets Talk About: Porn

    In line with the Digital Economy Act (2017), new regulations regarding age checks for viewing pornography online are being brought into force by the...

    The trouble with sex in fiction

    Fiction presenting sex as pornography is dishonest and ridiculous

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