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Chelsea’s Goalscoring Blues

The question that Tuchel and his team ought to be asking themselves is “how did we let this happen?”.

Oxford students react to the European Super League

News came out in the last two weeks that a 'European Super League' had been set up by a cartel of 12 “Founding Clubs”,...

International break: a help or hindrance for Premier League teams and their players?

"The break is an opportunity to raise their profile by representing their country on an international stage."

Lockdown in Football: a sacrifice worth making?

With the current increase in coronavirus cases around the UK, it raises the question: should elite sport, specifically football, see another lockdown like it...

High hopes, near misses, and hidden gems: the mystery of Expected Goals in the Premier League

"Interpreting Expected Goals is a tricky business: does Brighton’s huge xG underperformance mean that we’re much better than we think, absolutely crap, or just really unlucky?"

An Unlikely Hero: The Championship Play-Off Final

Footballing heroes often come from the most unlikely places: from Eder winning the 2016 Euros for Portugal, Bobby Zamora promoting QPR to the Premier...

Football’s hyperinflation: Is it robbing us of a generation of players?

Gareth Bale makes quite a lot of money. Scratch that – Gareth Bale makes a ridiculous amount of money. His most recent contract is...

After 30 years Liverpool are Premier League Champions

1990 was an important year for Liverpool fans. Liverpool won their 18th league title and their last one before 2020. The Premier League was yet to...

Why Newcastle won’t be the next Manchester City

The planned acquisition of Newcastle United has generated plenty of interest, partly because of the identities of the old and new ownership and the generous sum...

Project Restart: A vital conversation

In the midst of a national crisis, and in a news climate dominated by daily updates of infection and mortality rates across the country...

The stars so far: the breakout players of the 2019/20 season in the BPL and WSL

The Women's Super League Riding the wave of the Women’s World Cup, the Women’s Super League has seen its most popular season yet. Crowds are...

What should we expect from new Premier League managers?

New football managers should not be expected to gain immediate success.

Mid-table mentality and the perennial notion of ‘Kicking On’

Wolves won the league title last year in impressive style, taking the crown from Burnley who, in turn, took it from its more regular holders Everton....

Manchester City or Liverpool – the impossible choice?

Tom Ashley offers the perspective of a Manchester United supporter on the Premier League title run-in.

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