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The #OwnVoices Movement: Whose Voices Are Being Heard?

From abandoning the acronym BAME to placing diversity and inclusion at the forefront of their values, representation has never been so important in the...

The Last Bookshop: Giving old books a new life

Jill Cushen talks to Last Bookshop owner Jake Pumphrey about his unconventional approach to the book business.

Read, Listen, Learn: The Everchanging World of Books

Flash forward 100 years. Surprise! People still read — just not in the same way as we do now, and we can be pretty...

Speed or Safety? Science publishing in the time of COVID-19

Global pandemics demand fast, evidence-based responses. This poses a conundrum. Communication of scientific research is deliberately and excruciatingly slow. After an article is submitted...


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Knight Of: read the one percent

Juliet Garcia covers the launch of Knight Of's crowdfunding campaign, centred around BAME children's literature.

#Merky: the world of celebrity imprints

Celebrity imprints may allow new artists to be published, but does it also betray our society's dependence upon celebrity clout?

Interview: Virago Press

Ellen Peirson-Hagger delves into Virago Press’ history in conversation with Sarah Savitt and Donna Coonan

Rewind: The English Bible

Amy Booth examines the seminal 1535 release of the English bible

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