Saturday, July 31, 2021
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    ‘Blanched and pureed’: what does globalisation do to world music?

    "Is the hit single really a triumph of Korean music and the result of successful diversification of the globalised music industry? Or is it an omen of homogenised world music, blanched and pureed under Anglophone influence?" Coral Kim discusses whether BTS disprove the model of "l'exception française".

    Has video killed the Radio Star ?

    Is it time to wave radio goodbye in the 2020s? Broadcasting audio across the airwaves seems antiquated. Do we not live in a world of virtual reality and TikTok videos, our eyes continuously glued to a screen?

    All That Fall review – ‘Powerful and perturbing, with something of...

    Sam Rice immerses himself in a stage adaptation of Beckett's radio play

    Fringe 2017: ‘Radio’ review – “yet another gleaming success for Sunscreen...

    Christian Bell finds recognisable features of university life in 'Radio', an original student play at the Edinburgh Fringe

    Preview: Three Men in a Boot: A Rather Sketchy Show

    If your finger isn’t on the pulse of the Oxford comedy scene, this comic extravaganza may be just the thing you need to pull...