Wednesday, December 2, 2020
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    Autumn Goodness: Chickpea Minestrone

    It may be flavour-packed but it only requires one pan, and shockingly few fresh ingredients, making it the ultimate student kitchen fare: cheap, delicious, simple, and nutritious!

    Lockdown eats: Blackberries

    Wild blackberries can be rather sharp, so here are a few recipes to sweeten them up a little, taking you through the seasons.

    Lockdown Eats: Shakshouka, five ways

    Shakshouka is the ultimate comfort food. It is indulgent, filling and satisfying all in one! It is uncertain where the dish...

    Mauritian Prawn Rougaille

    Rougaille is at the heart of authentic Mauritian Creole cuisine. It is not only the easiest Mauritian dish to make, but its...

    Katya’s grocery haul left-overs

    Before being unexpectedly evicted from St. John's College, I did a big Tesco shop and got a whole load of incredible items...

    Dump Soup

    Savannah Hawley introduces a comforting recipe to use up your leftovers In the past several years, the public has seemingly woken up to the disturbing...

    The Importance of Lentils

    A delicious recipe for lentil bolognese.

    Recipe: Chocolate Tacos

    A sweet twist on a savoury classic.
    Plated scallops.

    Recipe: Scallops with Celeriac Purée, Chorizo Oil, Fennel and Grapefruit

    This recipe serves 1 and takes approximately 90 minutes to prepare

    Recipe Corner: Asian-style Pesto Soba

    A recipe for the perfect meal for a student in summer