Sunday, September 19, 2021
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    It Can’t Happen Here … Again? The GOP After Trump

    As tempting as it may be to simply move on from the Trump presidency, four cathartic years now over and the American republic redeemed, we ought not to look upon the political currents which swept the 45th President to power as mere spent forces never again to re-emerge.

    Capitol Riots: Putsch and Prejudice

    'It is difficult to overstate the rage I feel against America’s right wing for allowing us to get to this point. Shame on Mitch McConnell. Shame on Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley. Shame on every Republican who acquitted Trump of impeachment charges. Shame on the entire Trump family and every single one of his enablers.

    The uncertainty of Trump’s LGBTQ+ stance

    Louis McEvoy argues that LGBTQ+ rights in America will be under attack, but perhaps not from Trump

    Debate: Was the Obama administration successful?

    Theo Davies-Lewis and Felix Pope debate whether the Obama administration was ultimately successful

    Courting Controversy: lives matter more than lies

    Daniel Kodsi argues that there is more to reporting the truth than pointing out every time Donald Trump says something false

    Republicans in Oxford: the US presidential election

    Alastair Pearson explores the experiences of American conservatives in Oxford in the days leading up to the US presidential election