Monday, January 24, 2022
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Academics split over Rhodes ‘Retain and Explain’ plaque

The plaque acknowledges the criticism that Rhodes has attracted “in his day and ever since”. This criticism is ongoing with Oxford professors amongst some calling for Rhodes’ removal from Oxford’s High Street. 

Oxford SU launch ‘It’s not enough’ campaign

"The only way we can enact real change is by holding the University to account and by pushing them to do better, because right now, it’s not enough."

Protest marks one year since murder of George Floyd and calls...

"The protest marked the one year anniversary of the murder of George Floyd and criticised Oriel College’s decision not to take down the High Street Statue of imperialist Cecil Rhodes."

“Financial Challenges:” Inside the Oriel College commission report

"The second main objection raised by Oriel college are the “financial challenges” placed by the statue’s removal. In his will, Cecil Rhodes left around 100,000 - worth around 12 million in today’s value - to Oriel college, making up “less than 2% of the value of his estate”.

Rhodes statue acts as a ‘barrier’ in Oriel outreach efforts, Admissions...

"Dr. Samina Khan, Director of Undergraduate Admissions and Outreach at the University, has suggested that the Rhodes statue may act as a barrier to Oriel’s participation in outreach programs"

Rhodes Must Fall Oxford demands statue falls in 2020

Rhodes Must Fall Oxford continues to campaign against the statue of Cecil Rhodes, demanding a definite removal in 2020, following Oriel College’s announcement that...

Fighting art with art in Bolzano

In Oxford we argue over the future of the Rhodes statue, but in Italy they have found a new solution