Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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‘We can still be friends’: Thoughts about my Exes

I first realised I was a teeny bit in love when I heard “The Winner Takes It All” playing on the radio,...

Lady Pat. R. Honising: Tinderella

Dear Lady P, My moment has finally arrived - after months and months of having tinder “just for a...

‘Just Good Friends’

Is it possible to be Friends with Benefits and it not end in tears? Here's how to keep your heart safe.

From Paris with Love

"If we can do this, we can do anything."

Life Divided: Dating App or Dating Crap?

Does Tinder hinder human interactions? Does Bumble fumble with how we find a sexual partner? Anna Lewis and Samuel Juniper debate just this

The Shape of Water – an odd romance makes perfect sense

Jonnie Barrow finds many parallels to modern issues despite The Shape of Water's period setting

Two views on love compete for our heart

A medium must be found between unreal romanticism and cold rationalism

Let’s Talk About: PDA

Becky Cook speaks out against nauseating couples

Ask Uncle Sam#11: How to make a grand romantic gesture

Uncle Sam gives his top tips on how to make the perfect romantic gesture
Rose on a book

Life Divided: Oxlove

Maxim Parr-Reid and James Lamming debate the vices and virtues of Oxford’s most amatory Facebook page
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