Friday, February 26, 2021
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    Sensational: The Power of Synesthesia

    Synesthesia is a hugely rare cross-sensory condition - and yet features in some of our most famous canonical works. How can we ever understand the experience of a synesthete?

    Leonardo da Vinci: a Mind in Motion

    Welcome to the British Library’s new exhibition, which will certainly put your mind in motion, as its title suggests, thanks to its atypical depiction of the genius we think we know.

    Interview: Jocelyn Bell Burnell

    On astrophysics, unconscious bias, and women in science

    Would you risk your life on God? Reflections on Professor John...

    Prompted by Professor John Lennox's new book, Jack Sagar grapples with questions about science, God, and the faith that binds us all together.

    Oxford academic forced to leave after Home Office dispute

    Dr Fengying Liu's departure has raised concerns over Oxford's ability to recruit academics from around the world after Brexit

    A whole new world: NASA’s pioneering search for life

    Jonathan Stark explains how the TESS satellite will help us find new life

    Forensic scans show Oxford dodo was shot

    The findings surprised experts, who previously believed the dodo lived out its life as a show bird in London

    Brexit update outlines Oxford’s research strategy

    The University clarified it will keep its “desired outcomes from the Brexit negotiations unchanged.”

    Newly created synthetic antibody tackles 99% of HIV strands

    Jonathan Stark reports on advances in the fight against HIV that could have major consequences

    Working at the frontiers of knowledge – and the edge of...

    The Ig Nobel Prize is science at its most curious, writes Irteza Ishraq