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Better to burn out or fade away? The crafting of musical...

Annabelle Grigg questions our valuing of self-destructive behaviour in the music industry.

Student Union cracks down on offensive Bop themes

The Oxford Student Union’s Inclusive Policy for Events has received media attention for banning offensive Bop themes, such as ‘Vicars and...

100 Years of Sexism in the United Nations

This week marks 100 years since the League of Nations, parent to the United Nations, was founded at the 1920 Paris Peace...

Oxford University worker told Muslim woman to ‘go home’

Aisha Ali Khan says she was told to “go home” by an Oxford University worker during a conversation on politics.

Sex, drugs and gender roles: Frank Turner’s historical concept album

A discussion of the new historical concept album from Frank Turner, "No Man's Land".

University hosts week of events highlighting diversity in STEM

The events aimed to explore the intersection between sex, gender, disability, sexuality, and race in STEM

Cat-calling – who’s the real pussy?

Content warning: discussion of sexual harassment. The first time I got wolf-whistled at I was eleven years old. I...

Gender pay gap: Vice-Chancellor criticises “frustratingly slow” progress

The mean gender pay gap amongst Oxford University staff has decreased slightly from 24.5% to 22.6% but remains higher than the national average.

Student “asked to leave” after bringing her toddler to Oxford talk...

Green Templeton student Ania Kordala alleged that she was told she was not allowed to bring her child to the talk on gender equality, which was given by former Australian prime minister Julia Gillard.