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    “That’s not misogyny, babe”. 

    If I were born four hundred years ago, I’m pretty certain I would have been burnt at the stake for being a witch. Being told to “shhh” and how “scary” I looked by a man on Mayday morning at Magdalen Bridge reminded me of this fact. I forgot how ‘scary’ a woman with an opinion could be. 

    Fake professor dismissed from Oxford apologises for misogyny at fraudulent book launch

    Nigerian author Onyeka Nwelue has had his Academic Visitor status at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge terminated following complaints.

    The political power of gender expression: Lessons from female dictators

    "Current female MPs are expected to act as female politicians, not just as politicians. This pressure is incredibly unfair."

    The Damaging Effects of Mild, Persistent Sexism and Why it’s so Hard to Talk About

    "When the sexist behaviours are mild but occur over a long period of time, the effect can also be damaging and yet an intense angry reaction is easily dismissed."

    Athletics and aesthetics – how the media is sexualising athletes

    The device of the camera itself is one which creates an uneven power dynamic between the viewer and the camera’s subject.

    Why the feminists in my college still call me a whore

    CW: rape Last month, as the United Kingdom reeled from the murder of Sarah Everard, we found ourselves realising once again what it means to...

    Is Love Actually actually sexist?

    Disclaimer: before I massacre the entirety of its script, Love Actually is one of my favourite films. I watch it every year without fail....

    In defence of self-help

    "It took my own experience of trauma to recognise that maligning self-help can contribute to disempowerment, and to think non-judgementally about the traumas which might have led other people to seek self-help and self-care."

    Wages Against Housework: “More smiles? More money.”

    “More smiles? More money.” This was the rallying cry of women around the world in the 1970s. They were adamant that women everywhere should be paid...

    Better to burn out or fade away? The crafting of musical legacy

    Annabelle Grigg questions our valuing of self-destructive behaviour in the music industry.

    Student Union cracks down on offensive Bop themes

    The Oxford Student Union’s Inclusive Policy for Events has received media attention for banning offensive Bop themes, such as ‘Vicars and Tarts’ or...

    100 Years of Sexism in the United Nations

    This week marks 100 years since the League of Nations, parent to the United Nations, was founded at the 1920 Paris Peace Conference. The...

    Oxford University worker told Muslim woman to ‘go home’

    Aisha Ali Khan says she was told to “go home” by an Oxford University worker during a conversation on politics. According to Khan, Dr...

    Sex, drugs and gender roles: Frank Turner’s historical concept album

    A discussion of the new historical concept album from Frank Turner, "No Man's Land".

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